sexta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2004


O Valete Fratres gosta muito da imprensa estrangeira (enfim, de alguma...) e gosta da democracia (enfim, de alguma...) e gosta de maneira como o eixo Bush/Sharon (aqui sem reticências) lida com o terrorismo.
Pois eis como o Economist desta semana sintetiza as mais recentes vitórias da luta contra o terrorismo do actual governo de Israel:
«Palestinian hardliners are gaining ground: Islamists from Hamas and Islamic Jihad recently won an absolute majority in elections for the student council at the West Bank's Birzeit University, once a bastion of Palestinian secular nationalism. Similar Islamist coalitions now control most of the Palestinian universities, together with influential professional bodies such as the Engineers' Association in Gaza. This bolsters the findings of most pollsters: that if there were a freely contested general election in the PA, Hamas would not only reach parity with Fatah in most areas but, in some, such as Gaza, Hebron and Nablus, it might well eclipse its rival