terça-feira, 25 de maio de 2004

Venezuela - um apontamento

FNV, do Mar Salgado, acha que a minha opinião sobre a Venezuela está inquinada por preconceitos ideológicos. Está errado. A minha opinião sobre a Venezuela, nomeadamente sobre os media da Venezuela, resulta da observação directa (podemos falar disso...) e por fontes que considero credíveis. Por exemplo, a BBC.
Media watchdogs have been highly-critical of both the behaviour of the Venezuelan media, and of President Chavez's attitudes towards broadcasters and the press.
The president has been accused of creating a hostile and intimidatory climate for journalists, while some major media outlets have been criticised for playing a direct role in the opposition movement against him, specifically by not covering the pro-Chavez demonstrations during April 2002's failed coup.